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About Us

Art must be life - it must belong to everybody

Creativity is the ability to generate or make up stuff that is unique and often has practical or artistic value.  It also way to look for new solutions to old, and more importantly new problems.  When your child becomes an adult in the workplace, he will always encounter problems that may not be solvable through the old ways, and therefore requires thinking “outside the box”.  A child who is used to thinking creatively will be a success in his profession, and will be sought after by employers.  Or better yet, he may even employ people to work on his innovative creative project!

Apart from practical benefits of being creative, coming up with something new in itself is a source of pleasure

Our Success

* Hundreds of students have taken art and music classes with us and obtained high marks across.

* Many of our students have also gone on to study fine arts, architecture, design and working as drawing teachers in schools.

* The Art School in Erode welcomes you to learn Visual and Performance Art Classes for a much better future!

* Admission is an open ended invitation for all age groups.

* Faculties, the versatile professionals who guarantee and care for your skill development and to become a passionate entrepreneur.

* The platform to share knowledge.

* All the classes are designed to start the basics of art, grow and move on into the final aspects of each level. At the end of every level certificate will be awarded.

'Creating art is a very effective way to stimulate the brain and anyone can do it. Learn the many benefits of art and why it’s so helpful for mental health'

Research has shown that a strong interest and liking for Art built during foundational years leads to significantly better academic outcomes in the later years.

The super-interesting activities keep your child engaged , thrilled and off TV and phone!!

Meenakshi School of Fine Arts helps build these skills through practical & fun projects in a friendly atmosphere. All our classes ensure that they keep learning something new.

We strongly believe Art & Culture plays an important role in the development of any nation.

This journey started in September 17, 2015, and so far, we've conducted number of workshops for children, women and also public.

We conduct workshops to support women entrepreneurs and start ups by arranging all types of Jewelry, Toy making and other DIY workshops.

We conduct workshops for schools and colleges too...we are group of artists who can conduct master classes not only in our place also in your place...

Our classes are friendly... more funful... where you can make new friends too... So if you believe that children deserve a childhood with exciting and real-world games...

If you believe that children deserve a childhood with real human friends and not gadgets… If you want you to be relaxed with learning arts... Find out what we have in our institute for everyone....of course..!! our classes for all ages...!!

If you like it, do let us know and share this message to help us reach more children and everyone