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Watercolour Painting Course

The course is under Special Offer of 25% offers and free materials 24 course lessons, 3 Assignments, e-certificate

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  • Canson watercolour sheets 300 gsm/A4 size - 24 sheets Round Brush no 1, 4 & 8- each 1 Flat Brush no 8 - 1 (Or set of round and flat brushes ) Camlin Artist Water Colour tubes 18 Colours set -1 box Omega big pallet- 1 Masking tape 1 inch - 3 rolls Cardboard or any board or pad to fix the sheets - A4 size or more HB pencil, Ruler, eraser and a sharpner Waste cloth, water bowl


Watercolours, the most interesting medium in Arts! get to know and work with watercolours with our professional Artist.

This course is a progressive course next to pencil shading course, Topics cover from colour theory, value scale, grading techniques, creating textures with paint, how to work realism using right light and shade techniques, exclusive topics about organic forms based on elements of nature covering the most important topics of landscape paintings and still life etc 


Art Educator Meenakshi teaches only what she does best, conveying true passion and excellence in every lesson.


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